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Renshinkai Karate History

By Sadiq Rahman


Renshinkai Karate was developed in 1979 by chief founding instructor Dickie Wu (7th Dan) who at that time was based in Leytonstone, London. In his early years he trained under the late Grand Master of Kyokushinkai Mas Oyama (10th Dan) and Steve Arneil (8th Dan). He also trained with Goju Ryu master the legendary Steve Morris (8th Dan) and who was a close friend of Dickie Wu.

Terry Steward was the co-founding instructor (7th Dan) a Karate master in his own right, a man with great knowledge in martial arts and many other styles of Karate. These styles included Wado Ryu, Goju Ryu, Kyokushinkai and Sankukai. Later in his career he moved into professional boxing and has become one the UK's best boxing coaches, Terry has 3 British champions training under him.

Renshinkai is mainly a mix of Kyokushinkai and Goju Ryu Karate as well as brining the best of other styles into the style itself and still continues to evolve. It has a modern approach to training as well as retaining the traditional side of Karate with the main focus being on practicality, strengthening the body through breathing and dynamic tension katas like Sanchin. Dickie Wu's Renshinkai is not sport Karate, it is Karate-do, "do" mean the "way" and through this "way" you build one's spirit and character.