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What is TMA Combat Fitness?

TMA Combat Fitness is a fusion of Karate, Boxing and Callisthenics.

The style of Karate taught is called Renshinkai (a mix of Kyokushinkai & Goju Ryu Karate) combined with the fundamental skills of boxing. We use body weight exercises to improve our strength and stamina, a valuable skill to have for solo training.

For us martial art is a way of life, we strive for self-perfection and in the process unravel our true potential, always open to new concepts or skills. Every individual is different and must train at their own pace and ability. This is why we place great importance on understanding and connecting with you.

With time, repetition and patience, you will programme your muscle memory to have speed and power, build reflex and accuracy until they all become second nature. Everything most flow organically without thought, straight from your subconscious mind. "The eyes see and the body does."

Ultimate fitness is when you have gained a healthy mind, body and spirit. Mental training is just as important as the physical training, breathing is the bridge between your mind and body. You are the master of your own body, we can only give you guidance and direction, but it is you who needs to make it happen.

At your side you will have a 4th degree black belt instructor with 40 years of experience who will help guide you through your training journey.

We run small classes which enables us to zone in on individual needs. Everyone learns to coach one another, this is what creates a great vibe and energy that binds the group together. All the people in group share the same aspiration and welcome others to join in and share that journey with them. They train hard and have fun in the process, that's the best way to train.

Our world is becoming more of a dangerous place to live, with violence and crime on the increase. The best thing we can do is to train ourselves, at least give yourself a fighting chance, because most of the time no one will come to your rescue. You will have to be your own first responder. A bit of knowledge and skill could make all the difference.

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How will you benefit?

Boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Feel better from your progress and achievements

Lose weight, tone-up and look great.

Enhance your fitness, strength and agility.

Improve your mental health with stress busting drills.

Increase your focus, concentration and self-discipline.

Map self-defence skills into your muscle memory.

Learn new skills from Traditional Martial Arts and Boxing.

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Can anyone train?

Absolutely, it does not matter if you are unfit or have no experience.

TMA Combat Fitness is suitable for everyone.

The training will get you fighting fit.

Gain a solid foundation of skills, be stronger, fitter and more confident.


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Classes are for adults only, 18 and over

Where to find us


316-322 Green Lanes
Palmers Green
London, N13 5TT

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Sundays 11 am

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Sundays 11 am

Duration 60 min.

PayAsYouGo £12

4 sessions @ £10 (£40)

8 sessions @ £9 (£72)


Car: Parking is available off Lodge Road.

Bus: 121, 616, W6, 329. (Lodge Drive Stop)

Rail: Palmers Green Station (Great Northern).

Tube: Wood Green (Piccadilly Line), Bus 329 to Palmers Green.